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Hashrate graphs snafu - 09/16/2014

The database for our frontend lost some share data, but mining was fully operational. We'll be paying out the solved blocks retroactively

Some things you'll love about Simple Vert

  1. Triple merged mining + a 4% bonus increases your profits
  2. No registration required. Similar to how p2pool works.
  3. Powerful monitoring software PPAgent Remotely view your temperatures, fan speed, voltages, and much more from your phone or anywhere that you have internet.
  4. Nice graphs. See data back as far as a month, broken out by worker.
  5. Payout after every 4 hours, no minimum balance, no payout fees.

Quick start for mining:

  1. Pick the best stratum for you

    If you have 8MH or more you need to use the high difficulty port - Our anti-DOS settings may autoban or rate limit you from lower difficulties

     Beauharnois, Canada

    Address: ca.simplevert.com
    • Standard Port: 3343 (diff 128)
    • Vardiff Port: 3344 (diff 8-512)
    • Hidiff Port: 3345 (diff 512)
  2. Configure your miner. Worker name can be anything you'd like:

    Username: [Your wallet address].[Worker Name]
    Password: anything
    Simple example: ./sgminer -o stratum+tcp://ca.simplevert.com:3343 -u VkbHY8ua2TjxdL7gY2uMfCz3TxMzMPgmRR.worker1 -p x -I 13
  3. Check your stats and estimated payout by entering your Vert address below:
  4. Paste your Vert address for quick access to individualized stats.
  5. (Optional) Setup advanced stats to track GPU temps and actual hashrate with Powerpool Agent
  6. (Optional) Setup your MON and PLX merged mining address by clicking the edit button on your stats page next to your Vertcoin address.

 No registration

Unlike most pools, we don't require, or even provide, registration. Simply connect to our stratum servers with your wallet address.


No registration means your credentials can't become compromised, because you don't have any! All pool funds are kept off server for increased security.

 No minimum Payout

Payouts are processed every time a block is solved. No minimum balance required. Payouts are computed using PPLNS with a 1% fee.

 Contact us


Monitor your rig's health, from anywhere

This setup allows you to monitor multiple rigs easily, without setting up a pool manager, and view actual data from each of your rigs, rather than approximations.

  • Quick and easy setup, see the Installation Guide
  • View stats from rigs remotely - including WUE, Hashrate, Temps, Fan %, and more
  • Overheat/Low hashrate status indicators and email notifications
  • More features coming soon - including graphs of hashrate and temperature

Insightful statistics

Graphs broken down by worker give you a good at-a-glance picture of what is going on.

  • Easily name a worker anything you want
  • Drill down graphs to an individual worker with a click
  • Tooltips display your hash rate for each worker at a given point
  • View in 'expanded' mode to see what percentage of your hashing power each of your rigs is
  • Easily see your overall hash rate


Server and frontend upgrades 7/9/2014

Over the last few weeks we've been working on various tweaks, features, and performance improvements around the site. You may have noticed a few of them showing up here and there, but here they are officially listed:

Website Modifications
  • Significant backend modifications have been made to make stats pages load at a reasonable speed. Everything should be significantly snappier now.
  • A new detailed block statistics section has been added to the pool stats page, showing stats at various time intervals.
  • Pool Efficiency and Block statistics now by default show for the last month instead of all time
  • Payout records are now only kept for 1 week. Summaries of payouts will be added in the near future that will be kept forever.
  • A table on pool stats now shows all of the online servers, along with how many users and how much hashrate they're handling
Mining Server Modifications
  • Heavy optimization of how we distribute new jobs to users, resulting in approximately 30% reduction in stale shares.
  • Push block notifications are now supported, which should reduce orphan blocks by approx 0.3%
  • Many other performance optimizations to help keep our servers running fast, including share batching and aggregation and a more advanced per-user vardiff.
  • Technical details here

Brief Downtime on UK Server 5/30/2014

This morning from about 4:00pm GMT to 4:45 GMT our UK server was offline because of a hardware failure at our service provider. This failure also caused our main server to get behind processing tasks on the frontend because of it's attempts to contact the now offline server. These issues have now been resolved. If you're using a geo stratum we recommend setting primary stratum as a backup to help prevent downtimes like this from effecting you.

Share count bug fix 5/29/2014

We've isolated a bug that was occasionally double reporting shares. This means hashrate for EVERYONE was artificially high by about 4-8%. Because this bug effected everyone equally there was no net impact on payouts, but this did impact the pool luck because it showed a higher number of accepted shares required to solve each block.

So today we pushed up a fix and restarted everything, you may notice a slight dip in your hashrate graph, but it is actually reporting your hashrate more accurately now.

To summarize:

  • No payouts were effected
  • User's shares/hashrate were over inflated by 4-8%
  • Overall pool shares/hashrate were inflated by 4-8%
  • The pool's luck was deflated by 4-8%

As always, feel free to drop by in chat if you have any questions about this

Email us feature requests or bugs at simplecryptogroup@gmail.com.
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